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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Monday Reviews, Views and News
By Alex Ness


PUNCH AND JUDY: TWICE TOLD TALES Written by Christopher P. Reilly, Art by Jorge Santillan & Darron Laessig B/W $7.95 TPB 96 pages ISBN: 1593620152

Mr. Punch is a force of crazy mayhem. He punishes the righteous and the evil, he carries a wild stick and is one funny nut. He eventually decides to take down the devil as well as Santa Claus. And we are left with an hour of fun reading and some laughs. The writing here is very clever, ironic and somewhat naughty. As the characters Punch and Judy arose from puppetry and social commentary through humor, it is tremendously rewarding to read these books and see, translated for modern eyes, that tradition. The writing is good to very good, but the art is nearly perfect. I was impressed with the quality of lines, that it was smooth, even nice to look at despite some, at times, unpleasant scenes to relate. (Hell is just one of those places). I recommend this and suggest you share it with a bright friend who loves Political cartoons, they will assume it is just a comic, and they will find out just how great comics can be.
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