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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

STRANGE EGGS REVIEW FROM THE NINTH ARTSlave Labor cracks open some STRANGE EGGS with an intriguing new anthology, Warren Ellis gets a JONES for a new ongoing, and we dust off our old Atari as comics dabble in the world of video games.
09 May 2005

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When I was a boy, I used to watch a cartoon called LUDWIG. Ludwig was a morbidly surreal thing, a mechanical egg that would use his myriad gewgaws and contraptions in the pursuit of musical adventures. Here's a brief sample of Ludwig's unique style. No, I don't know what the pervert in the deerstalker is doing there, either.

For those of you for whom Ludwig is scarcely egg enough, Slave Labor Graphics has a chocodooby surprise in store this week, with the release of STRANGE EGGS.

STRANGE EGGS is a 48-page anthology comic that centres on the relationship between two urban urchins, transplanted to the countryside, and an egg-delivering lunatic named Roger Rogers. Each week, Mister Rogers visits the children, Kip and Kelly, and presents them with a novelty egg. One week it might be made of wood, the next plastic, but whatever the material, each egg hatches into a new and wondrous adventure. From cholesterol-seeking nerdroids to evil plastic kittens, Kip and Kelly find that life in the country may well be more than a little...eggsasperating?

Please don't hurt me.

STRANGE EGGS wraps the simple premise of Kids Plus Egg around the creative chops of the best and brightest at Slave Labor Graphics. Contributors to the book include Ian Carney and Woodrow Phoenix, Roger Langdridge, Scott Saavedra, Kerry Callen, Derf, and the delightfully monikered Crab Scrambly. Click here to sample some of the deliciously broad range of artistic styles on offer.

As we have seen in recent weeks, the high-quality anthology comic has returned with a vengeance. What STRANGE EGGS has over such wonderful books as BIZARRO WORLD, FLIGHT and FOUR LETTER WORLDS is a singular premise and an attractive price. If you find that the cost of books in this vein tends to outweigh your willingness to risk disappointment, then STRANGE EGGS might well be the thing for you. [Matthew Craig] Posted by Hello


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