Strange Eggs

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Guest Post by Steve Ahlquist

Chris Reilly once got into a kung fu brawl at an all night gas station. He was jumped by two muggers, and fought to defend himself. The guy working the gas station wouldn't call the cops, he just told them all to go away. He was safe inside his little booth, with it's bullet resisitant glass.

During the fight Chris screamed for the attendent to call the police, to no avail. Chris threw a punch, and missed, sending his arm through the plate glass covering a gas pump. The muggers saw the blood streaming from an openned arterie, and ran away. Chris ran to the booth, inside of which the attendant cowered.

"Call a fucking ambulance!" he screamed.

"Go away or I'll call the police!" screamed the attendant.

"Call the fucking police then you fucking moron!" screamed Chris.

Weakened from blood loss, Chris sat outside the booth, trying to staunch the blood. The police arrived, and called an ambulance. Neither cop would touch Chris or help him, because they were afraid of catching aids.

The ambulance came twenty minutes later. The sun was coming up. Chris went into the hospital, and recieved lots of stitches. He almost died.

True story.


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