Strange Eggs

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Cast & Crew:
Renaldo Rey, Anna Maria Horsford, directed by Greg Carter
Audrey is a typical music student at a large Midwestern college, interested in pursuing a career in classical music. Her apparent "normalcy," however, makes her something of a misfit in her family, made up as it is by a group of outrageous performers. Audrey's parents were funk/ R& B stars in the 1970s, while her brother currently reigns supreme on the hip hop and fashion scene, and her precocious little sister is a streetsmart MC in the manner of Lil' Kim. Take out the story and this sounds like an Old Navy commercial.
This film was directed by Greg Carter, the man responsible for such small screen gems as:
The Black Man's Guide to Understanding Black Women (2005)
Treasure in tha Hood (2005)
Survival of the Illest (2004)
Thug Life (2001) A karate/stunt/gangsta/westside movie which could have been a "Bruce Lee Visits The South Side" Spike Lee joint. The whole plot comes down to two guys beating the nuts out of each other in a strange gang/cult's hideout, and of course, the main character, Boo saves the day. “Boo” the black, karate bad-ass/hero… Boo.

MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 1 hour, 48 minutes
Genre: Comedies, Comedy, Family Interaction, Rap/Hip Hop, Family Life, Music, Parents, Musicians
It’s funny that “family interaction” and “family life” have to be divided into two categories.

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