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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Top Ten Cutest Comic Creators

I never make the CCC's top ten; I always come in at around twelve or thirteen.

"Edited by Alex Miller" why on earth did this thing need an editor?


The Top Ten Cutest Comic Creators

By Mary E. Brickthrower Edited by Alex Miller

While there are a few female voices in the comic book world, such as Gail Simone (writer exclusive to DC) and Colleen Doran (artist on Orbiter), the majority of creators and those surrounding the business are male. Even though Wizard used to cook up "Comic Book Babes and Hunks" a column devoted to animated hotties, the majority of today's message board talk is about the female heroine's portrayed in the latest pages, and no mention of the hotties that are behind the creation of the book.

The dearth of female creators has led to a drastic oversight in the comic book world. Ladies, I know you're out there--but guess what? Some of these comic creator guys are cute! So cute in fact that they are worthy of being recognized for something oft overlooked in a business that is predominately male. So in the name of meaningless awards like the Grammy's and the Golden Globe awards, I give you the first annual CCC, or Mary E Brickthrower's Top 10 Cutest Comic Creators. This list has been pain-stakingly put together to honor the hard working eye candy of the comic book world.

10-Ale Garza-I first spotted Garza at the 2004 Dynamic Forces convention in New Jersey due to his camouflage hat and kickass Deftones T-shirt. Turns out this guy can draw, too! It is hard to deny Garza's talent as an artist, with his recent work on Batgirl in addition to his hip fashion sense. Garza plays it like a rock star as a member of the of the Wildstorm studio Blog Collective Gelatometti. He is also happily married and has a cute little boy. If Garza is the future of comic book art, then the future is looking fine.

9-Cary Nord-Cary had done some fill-in work for the Big 2 including a stint on Daredevil. However he was virtually unknown until his lush art was picked to fill the pages of the re-launch heard round the world with Conan, written by Kurt Busiek for Dark Horse. Cary was introduced to me at the Toronto National Convention this year, and his smile and bright blue eyes were enough for me to get a picture with him. Cary was a genuinely nice guy and easily approachable. Nord embodies a relaxed cuteness as easy on the eyes as his art.

8-Michael Avon Oeming-The first official member for the M.O.B. (although not the last) to make it on the CCC, Oeming is as enterprising and energetic as he is attractive. Mike has made waves as Powers co-creator but now touts a well received Thor storyline and more upcoming writing projects for Marvel (Beta Ray Bill). Oeming has always been a great man to his fans, personable and set up at most any con he can make it to, including the smaller ones that take place in Philadelphia once a month. He is also an amateur director (go to his site to view his film work) and is in the process of working on a film version of his recent work Six (put out by Image). Oeming is "buff" and is one of the funniest creators I've ever met. A winning combination that makes him worthy of all the attention he has garnered.

7-Stuart Sayger-Leonardo Dicaprio look-alike, Sayger is not only cute, but borderline gorgeous. Sayger rivals Ale Garza when it comes to fashion sense, and his presence on the convention floor is brilliant, intense and just downright hot! Including a re-release of the indie horror comic Shiver in the Dark #1 and producing art for an upcoming DC trading card set, be sure to keep your eye on this cutie, you'll say you stalked him way back when.

6-Jim Lee-Jim Lee is uber-cute in a way that I just want to wrap him up and take him home whenever I've encountered him at a convention. He is almost always seen sporting the same casual look: a baseball cap and thousand watt smile. Despite all outward appearances, Lee is a busy man. He founded and is Executive Director of Wildstorm (a division of DC), illustrates Superman, attends in-store signings with his fellow Wildstorm cohorts and yet still has time to give away signed items on his daily updated online blog, the aforementioned Gelatometti. Jim has always been extremely nice to me, which is much appreciated after enduring the longest lines I've ever seen convention-wise to meet him…and he likes cigars to boot. Lee just recently returned from time abroad in Italy-so hopefully that means seeing more of smokin! Mr. Lee in 2005-and the ease of enjoying his charm on this side of the pond now.

5-Geoff Johns-DC's writer extraordinaire and excellent eye candy, Geoff Johns often changes his look by shaving off his goatee and moustache. Bearded or not, Johns maintains dark and mysterious good looks. Johns is known for single handedly rejuvenating titles like JSA, The Flash and Teen Titans in addition to most recently writing Green Lantern: Rebirth. He's also a family-oriented man; Star Spangled Kid was revamped by Johns and it is rumored to represent Johns' little sister who past away in a tragic accident. A sad story, but illustrates the softer and sweeter side to this man and his comics.

4-Michael Turner-Turner is almost too good and too cute to be true. He began his professional career as a background artist at Top Cow but made a name for himself with the co-creation of Witchblade in 1995. Turner has since developed and has sole creation rights to the immensely popular Fathom and most recently Soulfire. It is his recent DC covers (more accurately a particular Batman/Superman cover that featured Supergirl) that have sent fan-boy's hearts aflutter. Fan-girls, on the other hand, can get a thrill of their own by catching this gorgeous man's pearly whites and baby blue eyes at their nearest convention. Now at DC and cover artist for the critically acclaimed Identity Crisis, this is one creator that draws people that are "almost" as breath-taking as he is.

3-Darick Robertson-I'm sure that I've sounded like a broken record to many of my co-workers at my old comic book shop job as well as my fellow staffers on this site whenever Darick Roberston was mentioned. Inevitably, if he is brought up in "shop talk," I wax poetic on the brilliance of "my" artist. A sincerely loyal creator to both his work and his fans, Robertson is known for his work with Warren Ellis on Transmetropolitan. Most recently his Marvel exclusive contract put him on his two dream projects: Wolverine and Nightcrawler. Darick is happily married and the father of one beautiful son (and one on the way!). He may be taken, but dammit if he doesn't make for one cute comic creator…and an even cuter Jedi. Darick-you know I love you baby!

2-John Cassaday-Oh Mr. Cassaday-I knew not of your stunningly good looks until the 2004 Wizard World Chicago convention, where Marvel editor Nick Lowe introduced us. I was reduced to a giggling schoolgirl. Cassaday is the rock star of the comic book biz, a rebel with talent, with hair even girl's are jealous of. His likeness was written into Planetary, his co-creation along with Warren Ellis, so it seems even other creators seem to find him irresistible. Even his biography is modeled as if to speak of a legend during a montage before a prestigious award is given: it is compiled of testimonials from comic creators/friends and even the disgruntled and heart broken ex-girlfriend of which he has no doubt left many in every city he visits. Yes, "man-pretty" can be applied to John Cassaday but I think "Adonis" will suffice.

1-David Mack-When I first started the difficult and exhausting research necessary to concoct this list, one name and a face kept popping up whenever the words "cute" and "creator" were put together. That name was David Mack. Mr. Mack can usually be seen at a con, dressed head to toe in black, reeling in fan after fan with his own magnetic-charmed force field that emanates from his table. "Intense" is the best adjective to describe the aura that surrounds David, but there are many others that will suffice; talented, compassionate, modest, funny, handsome and dare I say…built? (I dare!) While in Toronto for "Ghetto-Con 2004" I helped some of the creators by grabbing them food or drinks if I passed by and was heading that way. Mack was one of those creators in need of liquid refreshment and by the end of the con he let me pick out a couple prints from his table as thanks for the simple favor I performed. That's David for you. He is so kind and generous that its hard to forget his talent (Kabuki creator and member of the M.O.B.) or his face. Like his haunting, multi-media approach to his work, Dave will leave an indelible impression on every fan-boy or girl or alike.

There you have it, the definitive Top 10 Cutest Comic Creators of 2004. All certified and 100% Girl Porn Approved©. As we settle into a new year, remember there is more to the comic books you buy every month; it is more than just talented writers or illustrators behind that comic but sometimes a super cute face as well!

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[Editor's Note: Mr. Miller edited but made no contributions to the selection process other than the phrase "man pretty" for John Cassaday because he's so dreamy. Mr. Miller doesn't care because he's married and doesn't swing that way. Not that there's anything wrong with that….]

Did everyone get that? Mr. Miller's not gay.
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