Strange Eggs

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Diamond Comics' May Previews hits stores today. Books to be on the lookout for:
Punch and Judy tpb
Creators: Chris Reilly, Darron Laessig and Jorge Santillan
Page Count: 96
SRP: $7.95
Synopsis: Collecting The Comical Tragedy Of Punch And Judy, and Punch And Judy: A Grand Guignol. “If you can imagine Tim Burton collaborating with Rankin & Bass on a Jingle Belle vs. Itchy & Scratchy Christmas Special or“ Grant Morrison penning a kids book with such things in it as palindrome bears, pickled children, and a protagonist who merely wants two bags of harps and the Double Jesus for Christmas “ then you can imagine what absurd delights await you."-- J. Torres Cover by Crab Scrambly 1-59362-015-2

Strange Eggs
Editor: Chris Reilly
Page Count: 48
SRP: $3.95
Synopsis: Some of SLG“s top creators and a few guests join forces to tell the stories of Kyle & Kelly Hatcher; a lonely brother and sister who get a Strange Egg delivered to them every week, by the dapper egg deliveryman, Roger Rogers.

The eggs hatch into problems that the kids need to solve. Problems like aliens, dinosaurs, crazed ventriloquist dummies and several hobos.

Featuring stories by:
Crab Scrambly, Roger Langridge, Tommy Kovac, Jennifer Feinberg & Todd Meister, Jamie Smart, Derf, Chris Reilly, Steve Ahlquist, Darron Laessig, Jon Adama, Dave Ray, Kerry Callen, Ben Towle, Ian Carney & Woodrow Pheonix, Jorge Santillian, Scott Saavedra. Edited by Chris Reilly

Here are the Diamond order numbers:
MAR05 2547 STRANGE EGGS #1 (C: 4) SRP: $3.95
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