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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Candian bar bans alcohol (You suck Richard Walls)

January 31, 2005 (Winnipeg, Manitoba) — What do you call a bar without booze? A good business decision.
At least Richard Walls hopes so. He's now the owner of a bar that was once considered among the toughest joints in Western Canada.
The place is called The Occidental, but was better known as simply the Ox. Former bouncer Buzz Baizley says the Ox was one of the last of the old-time bucket-of-blood bars.
Walls, who also owns an interior-design firm, plans something more genteel. He'll be serving coffee and juice instead of beer and booze. He's hoping the makeover of the New Occidental Hotel, and it's legendary bar, will help revitalize the surrounding area of Winnipeg.
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