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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Today the USA is the largest producers of marijuana in the world and it's not enough.

Marijuana has been quasi legal in Mexico the past 50 years and is grown commercially and exported to the US. Canadians would love to make marijuana legal and for the US to keep the status quo that would continue to generate billions of dollars going North.

The Californians complain that BC Bud is being dumped on the market and that wholesale prices have gone down 25%, which is great for the consumer. The drug Czar warns of the danger of Canadian weed and the high 20% THC content. (I guess he hasn't smoked any because BC Bud generally pales when compared to most Californian varieties.)

The DEA chomps at the bit in anticipation of kicking every medical marijuana grow ups door down and seizing everything as well as their souls. They well remember the 1980s when Reagan for the first time let the police sell you loads of marijuana as a way to infiltrate marijuana syndicates. And the biggest mass redistribution of wealth in the history of the US occurred when they shut down the good old boy marijuana networks that operated in the 1960's thru the late 1980s. It was Vietnam style body count, the more people they arrested the more possessions they confiscated. The best properties, the best of all the spoils went to further power the police state that had all ready been created when they declared a Drug War. They only other country in the history of mankind to have such search and seizure and confiscation and forfeiture laws was Nazi Germany.

Is it strange that we are still haunted by Richard Nixon's drug war when his own Shaffer commission recommended legalizing under an ounce of Cannabis? This report infuriated Nixon who sent it back, and when it came back around the word legalize was changed to decriminalize and by 2005 millions of Americans have been sent to prison for marijuana possession some working at slave labor as we speak!

Stranger yet instead of attacking the Shaffer Commission NORML jumped on the decriminalization bandwagon, and in 1980 came out with their own report on the harmful affects of marijuana and I guess jumped on Nancy Reagan's Just say no bandwagon! Hey I thought they were for legalization?

The drug rehab racketeers and Judges that own the Halfway houses they sentence you to, then get money from you, the state and the government! The billions generated by one word illegal. Is it that so much money is being made because it's illegal that no one really wants it legal? Are they afraid to lose the Goose that lays golden eggs?

First thing I asked people is why is marijuana illegal? Marijuana is illegal because it promotes free thought and expression and the society we live in does not want us to think for ourselves. It's as simple as that!

The Patriot Act is an extension of the Drug War and really it's out to get you and I! The DEA is in a panic because California is wide open with some Cannabis shops in Oakland featuring 60 or more strains of marijuana as well as hashish and all you need is a doctor's note! Can you believe that some of those guys are pulling a hundred grand a month. The Government has infiltrated the Medical marijuana movement completely! As an example Eddy Lepp sold one pound of pot to a friend and an undercover DEA agent. Lepp famous for his Medicinal Marijuana Garden was raided and over 32,000 legal plants were confiscated. Clearly Lepp was out of his league!

Everyday more and more extol the virtues of marijuana use and how it improves their lives. One medical patient went from 600 milligrams of morphine a day to just pot! Most profits that are made illegally in the marijuana trade are funneled back into our economy, except for the small percentage that goes to Canada and Mexico.

The American marijuana trade does not fund terrorism but instead puts shoes on little Bobby or Suzie. The huge underground marijuana economy keeps many of us alive in these lean and mean times. The lies the government spreads about marijuana funding terrorism when the reality is that it helps keep the economy humming. The American marijuana industry is home grown.

Cannabis has become the Golden goose and neither side is letting go, too much money on the table.  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Diamond Comics' May Previews hits stores today. Books to be on the lookout for:
Punch and Judy tpb
Creators: Chris Reilly, Darron Laessig and Jorge Santillan
Page Count: 96
SRP: $7.95
Synopsis: Collecting The Comical Tragedy Of Punch And Judy, and Punch And Judy: A Grand Guignol. “If you can imagine Tim Burton collaborating with Rankin & Bass on a Jingle Belle vs. Itchy & Scratchy Christmas Special or“ Grant Morrison penning a kids book with such things in it as palindrome bears, pickled children, and a protagonist who merely wants two bags of harps and the Double Jesus for Christmas “ then you can imagine what absurd delights await you."-- J. Torres Cover by Crab Scrambly 1-59362-015-2

Strange Eggs
Editor: Chris Reilly
Page Count: 48
SRP: $3.95
Synopsis: Some of SLG“s top creators and a few guests join forces to tell the stories of Kyle & Kelly Hatcher; a lonely brother and sister who get a Strange Egg delivered to them every week, by the dapper egg deliveryman, Roger Rogers.

The eggs hatch into problems that the kids need to solve. Problems like aliens, dinosaurs, crazed ventriloquist dummies and several hobos.

Featuring stories by:
Crab Scrambly, Roger Langridge, Tommy Kovac, Jennifer Feinberg & Todd Meister, Jamie Smart, Derf, Chris Reilly, Steve Ahlquist, Darron Laessig, Jon Adama, Dave Ray, Kerry Callen, Ben Towle, Ian Carney & Woodrow Pheonix, Jorge Santillian, Scott Saavedra. Edited by Chris Reilly

Here are the Diamond order numbers:
MAR05 2547 STRANGE EGGS #1 (C: 4) SRP: $3.95
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Monday, February 21, 2005

The Strangest Egg is dead: 1937-2005 Posted by Hello

Friends Remark on Hunter Thompson's Death

Associated Press Writer

ASPEN, Colo. (AP) -- While Hunter S. Thompson's suicide shocked many in his out-of-the-way neighborhood, one of his closest friends said Monday the writer had been in a lot of pain after a broken leg and hip surgery.

"I wasn't surprised," said George Stranahan, a former owner of the Woody Creek Tavern, one of Thompson's favorite hangouts. "I never expected Hunter to die in a hospital bed with tubes coming out of him."

Thompson died in his home Sunday evening from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, Pitkin County Coroner Dr. J. Steve Ayers said Monday.

Authorities refused to say whether a note was found. Thompson's body was found by his adult son, Juan, later Sunday evening.


Investigators recovered the weapon, a .45-caliber handgun.

Neighbors in Thompson's Woody Creek neighborhood said a broken leg had kept him from getting out as often as in the past, including to the tavern.

But Shep Harris, who now owns the tavern, said Thompson would sometimes slip in for a drink and a smoke if no one else was there.

Patrons normally are not allowed to light up because the tavern does not have a separate smoking area, but if Thompson were the only customer, he got a waiver.


Thompson's Story Ends with Suicide
Tsai reports Hunter S. Thompson died of an apparent suicide.

"We called it the Hunter Rule," Harris said.

Mike Cleverly, a neighbor and longtime friend, spent Friday night watching a basketball game on TV with Thompson. He said Thompson was clearly hobbled by the broken leg. "Medically speaking, he's had a rotten year," he said.

But he added that "he's the last person in the world I would have expected to kill himself. I would have been less surprised if he had shot me."

Thompson was legendary for his love of firearms.

"He had a thing about guns," said Mary Eshbaugh Hayes, an acquaintance and a former editor of the Aspen Times. "I was always very worried he was going to shoot someone."

He did, at least once. In 2000, he accidentally slightly wounded his assistant trying to chase a bear off his property.

Hayes said she was present when a drunken Thompson fired three shots into a copy of one of his books and gave it to a friend, saying, "This is your autographed copy."

Despite the gunfire and the wild, drug-addled image he projected in his writing, Thompson was on good terms with the sheriff's department and was friends with Sheriff Bob Braudis and with DiSalvo, the sheriff's director of investigations.

"I would definitely call him a friend," DiSalvo said. "This was not the way I expected Hunter to die."

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I swiped this friend's blog. Personally, I wish Superman had murdered Pat Boone. You'll note this is the start of a trend where Superman feels obliged to prevent anyone he knows from ever knowing the sweet, sweet taste of anything remotely resembling success. Posted by Hello

I swied this from a friend's blog: Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Do yourself a favor and check out the new strip by Owen Keegan. I think he describes it best:
“It's not a journal comic or about adults. It's about what I loved about comic strips when I was a kid. Anyway, it will be a daily strip five days a week. Hope you like it! ”

He really does a great job of capturing those vague memories of being a toddler.

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The Top Ten Cutest Comic Creators

I never make the CCC's top ten; I always come in at around twelve or thirteen.

"Edited by Alex Miller" why on earth did this thing need an editor?


The Top Ten Cutest Comic Creators

By Mary E. Brickthrower Edited by Alex Miller

While there are a few female voices in the comic book world, such as Gail Simone (writer exclusive to DC) and Colleen Doran (artist on Orbiter), the majority of creators and those surrounding the business are male. Even though Wizard used to cook up "Comic Book Babes and Hunks" a column devoted to animated hotties, the majority of today's message board talk is about the female heroine's portrayed in the latest pages, and no mention of the hotties that are behind the creation of the book.

The dearth of female creators has led to a drastic oversight in the comic book world. Ladies, I know you're out there--but guess what? Some of these comic creator guys are cute! So cute in fact that they are worthy of being recognized for something oft overlooked in a business that is predominately male. So in the name of meaningless awards like the Grammy's and the Golden Globe awards, I give you the first annual CCC, or Mary E Brickthrower's Top 10 Cutest Comic Creators. This list has been pain-stakingly put together to honor the hard working eye candy of the comic book world.

10-Ale Garza-I first spotted Garza at the 2004 Dynamic Forces convention in New Jersey due to his camouflage hat and kickass Deftones T-shirt. Turns out this guy can draw, too! It is hard to deny Garza's talent as an artist, with his recent work on Batgirl in addition to his hip fashion sense. Garza plays it like a rock star as a member of the of the Wildstorm studio Blog Collective Gelatometti. He is also happily married and has a cute little boy. If Garza is the future of comic book art, then the future is looking fine.

9-Cary Nord-Cary had done some fill-in work for the Big 2 including a stint on Daredevil. However he was virtually unknown until his lush art was picked to fill the pages of the re-launch heard round the world with Conan, written by Kurt Busiek for Dark Horse. Cary was introduced to me at the Toronto National Convention this year, and his smile and bright blue eyes were enough for me to get a picture with him. Cary was a genuinely nice guy and easily approachable. Nord embodies a relaxed cuteness as easy on the eyes as his art.

8-Michael Avon Oeming-The first official member for the M.O.B. (although not the last) to make it on the CCC, Oeming is as enterprising and energetic as he is attractive. Mike has made waves as Powers co-creator but now touts a well received Thor storyline and more upcoming writing projects for Marvel (Beta Ray Bill). Oeming has always been a great man to his fans, personable and set up at most any con he can make it to, including the smaller ones that take place in Philadelphia once a month. He is also an amateur director (go to his site to view his film work) and is in the process of working on a film version of his recent work Six (put out by Image). Oeming is "buff" and is one of the funniest creators I've ever met. A winning combination that makes him worthy of all the attention he has garnered.

7-Stuart Sayger-Leonardo Dicaprio look-alike, Sayger is not only cute, but borderline gorgeous. Sayger rivals Ale Garza when it comes to fashion sense, and his presence on the convention floor is brilliant, intense and just downright hot! Including a re-release of the indie horror comic Shiver in the Dark #1 and producing art for an upcoming DC trading card set, be sure to keep your eye on this cutie, you'll say you stalked him way back when.

6-Jim Lee-Jim Lee is uber-cute in a way that I just want to wrap him up and take him home whenever I've encountered him at a convention. He is almost always seen sporting the same casual look: a baseball cap and thousand watt smile. Despite all outward appearances, Lee is a busy man. He founded and is Executive Director of Wildstorm (a division of DC), illustrates Superman, attends in-store signings with his fellow Wildstorm cohorts and yet still has time to give away signed items on his daily updated online blog, the aforementioned Gelatometti. Jim has always been extremely nice to me, which is much appreciated after enduring the longest lines I've ever seen convention-wise to meet him…and he likes cigars to boot. Lee just recently returned from time abroad in Italy-so hopefully that means seeing more of smokin! Mr. Lee in 2005-and the ease of enjoying his charm on this side of the pond now.

5-Geoff Johns-DC's writer extraordinaire and excellent eye candy, Geoff Johns often changes his look by shaving off his goatee and moustache. Bearded or not, Johns maintains dark and mysterious good looks. Johns is known for single handedly rejuvenating titles like JSA, The Flash and Teen Titans in addition to most recently writing Green Lantern: Rebirth. He's also a family-oriented man; Star Spangled Kid was revamped by Johns and it is rumored to represent Johns' little sister who past away in a tragic accident. A sad story, but illustrates the softer and sweeter side to this man and his comics.

4-Michael Turner-Turner is almost too good and too cute to be true. He began his professional career as a background artist at Top Cow but made a name for himself with the co-creation of Witchblade in 1995. Turner has since developed and has sole creation rights to the immensely popular Fathom and most recently Soulfire. It is his recent DC covers (more accurately a particular Batman/Superman cover that featured Supergirl) that have sent fan-boy's hearts aflutter. Fan-girls, on the other hand, can get a thrill of their own by catching this gorgeous man's pearly whites and baby blue eyes at their nearest convention. Now at DC and cover artist for the critically acclaimed Identity Crisis, this is one creator that draws people that are "almost" as breath-taking as he is.

3-Darick Robertson-I'm sure that I've sounded like a broken record to many of my co-workers at my old comic book shop job as well as my fellow staffers on this site whenever Darick Roberston was mentioned. Inevitably, if he is brought up in "shop talk," I wax poetic on the brilliance of "my" artist. A sincerely loyal creator to both his work and his fans, Robertson is known for his work with Warren Ellis on Transmetropolitan. Most recently his Marvel exclusive contract put him on his two dream projects: Wolverine and Nightcrawler. Darick is happily married and the father of one beautiful son (and one on the way!). He may be taken, but dammit if he doesn't make for one cute comic creator…and an even cuter Jedi. Darick-you know I love you baby!

2-John Cassaday-Oh Mr. Cassaday-I knew not of your stunningly good looks until the 2004 Wizard World Chicago convention, where Marvel editor Nick Lowe introduced us. I was reduced to a giggling schoolgirl. Cassaday is the rock star of the comic book biz, a rebel with talent, with hair even girl's are jealous of. His likeness was written into Planetary, his co-creation along with Warren Ellis, so it seems even other creators seem to find him irresistible. Even his biography is modeled as if to speak of a legend during a montage before a prestigious award is given: it is compiled of testimonials from comic creators/friends and even the disgruntled and heart broken ex-girlfriend of which he has no doubt left many in every city he visits. Yes, "man-pretty" can be applied to John Cassaday but I think "Adonis" will suffice.

1-David Mack-When I first started the difficult and exhausting research necessary to concoct this list, one name and a face kept popping up whenever the words "cute" and "creator" were put together. That name was David Mack. Mr. Mack can usually be seen at a con, dressed head to toe in black, reeling in fan after fan with his own magnetic-charmed force field that emanates from his table. "Intense" is the best adjective to describe the aura that surrounds David, but there are many others that will suffice; talented, compassionate, modest, funny, handsome and dare I say…built? (I dare!) While in Toronto for "Ghetto-Con 2004" I helped some of the creators by grabbing them food or drinks if I passed by and was heading that way. Mack was one of those creators in need of liquid refreshment and by the end of the con he let me pick out a couple prints from his table as thanks for the simple favor I performed. That's David for you. He is so kind and generous that its hard to forget his talent (Kabuki creator and member of the M.O.B.) or his face. Like his haunting, multi-media approach to his work, Dave will leave an indelible impression on every fan-boy or girl or alike.

There you have it, the definitive Top 10 Cutest Comic Creators of 2004. All certified and 100% Girl Porn Approved©. As we settle into a new year, remember there is more to the comic books you buy every month; it is more than just talented writers or illustrators behind that comic but sometimes a super cute face as well!

++++++++++++++++end of transmission++++++++++++

[Editor's Note: Mr. Miller edited but made no contributions to the selection process other than the phrase "man pretty" for John Cassaday because he's so dreamy. Mr. Miller doesn't care because he's married and doesn't swing that way. Not that there's anything wrong with that….]

Did everyone get that? Mr. Miller's not gay.
Go here if you want to see the pictures:


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Angriest Dog in the World

The dog who is so angry he cannot move. He cannot eat. He cannot sleep. He can just barely growl. Bound so tightly with tension and anger, he approaches the state of rigor martis.
About the comic strip

David Lynch had the idea for the comic strip in 1973 when his life was filled with inexplicable anger. He visited a psychiatrist to find out about the origins of it but left after the honest man told him that therapy could affect his creativity. He subsequently discovered meditation that freed him from his anger, so according to Lynch
"the memory of the anger is what does 'The Angriest Dog.' Not the actual anger anymore. It's sort of a bitter attitude toward life."
From 1983 on his comic strip appeared weekly in the L.A. Reader. Now
"they pulled the plug on The Angriest Dog In The World. That was in 92! It went for nine years, and it had a good run."
David Lynch
"Well, I had tremendous anger. When I began meditating [in 1973], one of the first things that left was a great chunk of that. I don't know how, it just evaporated."
Why is the Angriest Dog in the World so angry?
David Lynch: "That's a mystery. Certain clues come from the world around him."
How much time have you spent on that strip in total?
David Lynch: "A long time. I've been doing it every week for seven or eight years. Every Monday is Dog day because I have to come up with a dog, and occasionally I've gone as late as Wednesday, but there's still time to get it in the paper."
"Yes, it is perverse because the humor in the strip is based on the sickness of people's pitiful state of unhappiness and misery. But it thrills me."

The comic strip was always introduced by the words:
The dog who is so angry he cannot move. He cannot eat. He cannot sleep. He can just barely growl. Bound so tightly with tension and anger, he approaches the state of rigor martis.
then ever followed by the same four pictures including balloons with remarks by the (invisible) family Bill, Sylvia, Pete and Billy junior, e.g.:
"The only way you have exceeded my expectations is in weight."
"The psychological origin of the idea of space, or of the necessity for it, is far from being so obvious as it may appear."
"It must be clear even to the non-mathematician that the things in this world just don't add up to beans."
"Unfortunately, life contains an unavoidable element of unpredictability."
I'll keep running these weekly until I receive a cease and desist.
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Someone emailed me to let me know that there were copies of Punch and Judy at
I was thrilled. Not honored, but thrilled. This means that 4 people actually disliked the book enough to try and recoup $2. I think the only reason it's never made the quarter bin is that it won't fit.
I also just discovered that both Punch books got the "look inside" treatment at
I thought that was nice of them. I wonder if a sales rank of 600,000th best seller is good or bad?
Ben, if you're reading this, Farewell Georgia received the same treatment. Based on royalties; it's not great.

Chris Reilly Posted by Hello

Candian bar bans alcohol (You suck Richard Walls)

January 31, 2005 (Winnipeg, Manitoba) — What do you call a bar without booze? A good business decision.
At least Richard Walls hopes so. He's now the owner of a bar that was once considered among the toughest joints in Western Canada.
The place is called The Occidental, but was better known as simply the Ox. Former bouncer Buzz Baizley says the Ox was one of the last of the old-time bucket-of-blood bars.
Walls, who also owns an interior-design firm, plans something more genteel. He'll be serving coffee and juice instead of beer and booze. He's hoping the makeover of the New Occidental Hotel, and it's legendary bar, will help revitalize the surrounding area of Winnipeg.
(Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
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Buffalo roams into center's dressing room
Feb 1, 2005 (RAPID CITY, S.D.) — A buffalo that escaped from an auction ended up in a dressing room at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center where it spent a couple of hours staring into a mirror.
The buffalo jumped over a steel panel during the Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo on Sunday morning, went down an alley and got into the dressing room reserved for visiting sports teams, said Brian Maliske, the civic center's general manager.
"The door happened to be unlocked and he pushed the door open and went in," Maliske said.
The crew conducting the Black Hills Classic Buffalo Sale decided to keep the animal locked in the dressing room for the rest of the auction. During its two hour stay, it reportedly became fascinated with the image it saw in a big mirror.
Once the sale ended, a rodeo crew member coaxed the buffalo out of the dressing room and back into captivity.
The animal never got into a public area, Maliske said.
Copyright 2005 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
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