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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Here’s a cover from the fourth issue of my first series: Rogue Satellite Comics, guest staring Flaming Carrot.
Below, is the only online review I could find of the book. The guy’s being fair. Everyone should have been confused. It was issue four of the book, and the third part of a three part story, and the publisher called it a “Special” instead of “issue four.” Oh, and some of the pages were printed out of order. I think I was twenty six when I wrote this, so that could have factored into it sucking, as well.
Rogue Satellite Comics Special Issue
[Modern Comics $2.95 US $4.15 CAN B&W]
Written by Christopher P. Reilly / Illustrated by Kevin Atkinson

You would think that something called a "special issue" would be a good jumping on pint for new readers. Not so for this comic. I wouldn’t have even picked it up but my retailer pointed out that Flaming Carrot made an appearance so I flipped through it and the since the art looked decent I figured what the heck.
The story revolves around a villain named Kingfish manipulating time. If most of the comic had focused on the few characters in the Kingfish sections of the book I might have been able to follow the story. As it was the action jumped from place to place throwing lots of characters into the mix and made for a very confusing read. The Flaming Carrot appearance was equally confusing and didn’t seem to have much to do with what was going on. I’m sure if I had all of the previous Rogue Satellite Comics issues I wouldn’t have been as confused and probably would have enjoyed the story.
The most positive thing I can say about Rogue Satellite Comics Special Issue is the artwork was good. There were certainly a lot of imaginatively designed heroes and villains.

I did get to work with Bob Burden (for about an hour) Posted by Hello


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