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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Punch And Judy: Twice Told Tales and Strange Eggs

The “Punch and Judy: Twice Told Tales” TPB and “Strange Eggs” Anthology solicitations are both at Diamond, and will be in their February Previews catalogue. Punch and Judy will be available at most bookstores and
Strange Eggs contain stories by:
Ian Carney & Woodrow Phoenix (Sugar Buzz, Pants Ant Trouser Hour)
Darron Laessig (The Comical Tragedy of Punch and Judy, Punch and Judy: A Grand Guignol)
Ben Towle (Farewell Georgia, 2004 Eisner Nominee)
Rodger Langridge (Fred the Clown)
Crab Scrambly (Everything Can Be Beaten, The 13th of Never)
Tommy Kovac (Stitch, Autumn)
Steve Ahlquist (Oz Squad, Strange Eggs Creator, Hector Mortem's Castle Freak)
Jorge Santillan (Punch and Judy: A Grand Guignol, Hector Mortem's Castle Freak)
Dave Ray (Oz Squad)
Kerry Callen (Halo and Sprocket)
Chris Reilly (The Comical Tragedy of Punch and Judy, Punch and Judy: A Grand Guignol, Strange Eggs Co-Creator, Hector Mortem's Castle Freak, 2004 Ignatz Nominee)
Jennifer Feinberg & Todd Meister (Little Scrowlie)
Derf (Trashed, The City)
Jon Adams (Truth Serum)
Jamie Smart (Bear)
Scott Saavedra (Dr. Radium)
And several “to be announced” special guests.

I’ve always maintained that anthollogies inherently suck, but I believe the folks involved have proven me wrong. Everyone did a great job and I can’t thank them enough.
There’s a guy named Willis Johnson who put up a fansite that looks like it was created using CompuServe in 1996.

Chris Reilly


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