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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

One of the many histories of the Boxing Bucket:
Known Occupations: poet, professor, noisician, forger, sailor, pimp, lumberjack, thief, boxer
During his time in Paris, Boxing Bucket would take control of his life by changing his identity weekly. Not only his name, but also his whole appearance and personality would be completely different each and every single week. Each new personality would never have any memory of any of the former identities. No one could deal with such a polywave of mannerism. Boxing Bucket however, thrived.
Boxing Bucket's messy brilliance, as cultural provocateur, is represented by his pledge to publicly commit suicide. The auditorium filled with curious Parisians. Boxing Bucket appeared, but he accused them of simple voyeurism, and then delivered an exceptionally detailed three hour lecture on entropy!
His guerrilla art magazine "Slop-Bucket!" was a prototype for the modern zine produced since the 1970's.
Boxing Bucket filled his poems and critical writings with longing references to freedom and new frontiers alongside hallucinatory prose fragments and seemingly arbitrary yet bilious personal assaults on his fellow artists.
Boxing Bucket traveled widely after the outbreak of the First World War. In New York City he fell in love with the America’s sweetheart Mary Pickford. They traveled together to Argentina, where Boxing Bucket disappeared in 1918. Boxing Bucket had been spotted in both Paris and New York in the 1930s & '40s; but to this day, nobody knows what really happened to him.

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