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Thursday, December 16, 2004

My writing parter, Steve, on STRANGE EGGS

A couple of years ago my writing partner Chris Reilly and I had four really good ideas in various stages of development at several animation studios, including Disney. The projects were Little Oz Squad, Hector Mortem's Castle Freak, Girl-World and Strange Eggs. Of the four, Strange Eggs went the furthest, with there actually being a pilot commissioned and as far as I've heard, completed for the Christian Learning Network or some such.
When we structure any kind of a deal, we always try to keep all the comic book rights to anything we develope. Usually the studio or agency is willing to give up the comic rights because there's no money in comics, and we love comics, and basically write them for free anyway.
What happened with Strange Eggs though is that we were offered the use of the CLN corporate offices in order to coordinate our efforts on the first issue. Our plan was to find as many independent comic creators as we could to do whatever wacky, zany ideas based on the concept that came out off there heads.
When the powers that be saw the pilot and the comic pages that came in, they closed down the entire project. They kept all the comic pages and destroyed the pilot (though I here there may be some copies floating around out there, I've never seen it.) After six months of letters from my extraordinary kung fu lawyer Kaz, they finally admitted to having destroyed all the files they had on our project, but they did have a listing of all the people who sent stories in. This allowed us to contact the original contributors and get them to send us copies of the stuff they did.
The end result is the comic Strange Eggs, coming out sometime in the summer of 2005 from Slave Labor Graphics.
Weirdly enough, shortly after Slave Labor made their announcement a former animator out of Georgia named Willis Johnson put up which covers most of the history of our project, and even for a short time had our pilot up (in shitty realplayer format), but CLN told him to pull it down. We've contacted him and we'll be sending him some art from the project soon and hopefully give him some pointers on grammar and web design. Years ago I was approached by a fan of my comic Oz Squad at an Indy comic-con in Vermont named Willis who lambasted me for my portrayal of Glinda and my non-inclusion of the Glass Cat. I don't know if it's the same guy.


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