Strange Eggs

Friday, December 17, 2004

Ever reach that point in life when you get sick of pitching good ideas to Jim Valentino? I sure did. So I figured I’d pitch the worst super hero concept ever; RED EYE, With Fire Fists.
Red Eye’s power was his curse (that’s the hook). One day his hand’s caught fire, and nothing known to science, god or man (pick a pecking order) could extinguish them. Red Eye wears that thick scarf over his mouth, because he is always screaming in pain. Red Eye can’t sleep, because he’s in too much pain, and even if he could sleep, he’d burn the bed.
Red Eye channels his agony by fighting crime; with fire. He pretty much just walks up to crooks and lights them on fire. “They all knew his fiery touch, but never heard his screams”… because he used that huge scarf to muffle them Posted by Hello


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