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Monday, December 13, 2004

Courtroom Sketch by Richard Rockwell.
The People vs. Mario Van Peebles. Where the state alleged that Van Peeples was in fact
C. Thomas Howell ‘s…. Mark Watson
Character from SOUL MAN, grown up.
SOUL MAN was described by Prosecutors as:
Regrettable exercise in trying to resolve racial issues through

humor, resulting in compounding the problem. A white youth,

unable to get into college because of minority preference rules,

poses as a black student (!) and receives a scholarship which, it

turns out, would have otherwise gone to the black girl student at

the very same university whom he just happens to fall in love with.

What a bunch of coincidences! What a conundrum! What a

disastrous concept! The unlikelihood of the imposture succeeding

is only the chief blunder; fear not, there are many others to

discover. Amazingly, a competent cast signed up for this idiotic

movie, including C. Thomas Howell, who specializes in looking

good in bad movies, and, more surprisingly, James Earl Jones,

who plays a black college law professor who can't tell that C.

Thomas is wearing blackface. And you wonder why students don't

learn anything in college.
It is still unknown why the trial was held in a boxing ring, or why the Boxing Bucket was a key witness in this case.

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